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Make The Most Of Your Rocket Launch Viewing Experience

Watching a rocket launch, live on YouTube or TV is very impressive, but “feeling” it in person, is one of the most dramatic events on earth. Seeing the speed of the rocket, hearing the roar of the engines and sometimes feeling the heat of the trusting flames cannot be described in words. Watching a rocket, blasting into the space is and should be on the bucket list of many people.

With the increasing number of private companies, Florida’s Space Coast hosts a rocket launch almost every week and you should check the calendar ( to see, which launch overlaps with your vacation in Orlando.

The journey starts with the pickup from your hotel. Depending on the time of the day, we can make a quick stop at a supermarket on the way, for some snacks and drinks. Then we drive in our comfortable car to the viewing location.

Space Coast rocket launch viewing tours

Launch Viewing Tour

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We pick the best viewing spot, according to the launchpad in action and to the time of the day; some offer better views for night launches, some are better for daytime. As the waiting time may get extended, we deploy our beach chairs and enjoy the scenery, while watching/listening to the latest launch updates, command center announcements on the iPad.

After experiencing the unforgettable moment of lift off, we return back to the hotel. Witnessing a rocket launch will make you ask for more and learn more about the space & space industry. Be prepared to get exited about the next Mars and Moon missions.

Note : the launch can be scrubbed (cancelled) at any moment and the trip will not be refunded after pickup.


3 – 5 hours


Cocoa beach, Space Coast


Please refer to the launch schedule of Kennedy Space Center


Max 5 – 6 passengers for 7 seat comfort car/SUV

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